Company Philosophy

Painting is amazing when done properly—it covers, protects and beautifies at the same time. Our team looks forward to helping people transform their properties to their original state or better. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible painting experiences and meet or exceed their expectations.

Comparative Summary

Maintaining customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of any business, but it’s even more important for painting contractors that have earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award. For Faith Painting, the key to keeping clients happy is simple: make the painting process as comfortable as possible for them. “Whether we’re explaining our procedures, helping them choose colors or simply answering questions, we do whatever it takes to make things easy for our clients,” says owner Mario Corpuz. “Painting projects can be challenging, but our flexible services and ability to solve problems help ensure a smooth process.”

Faith Painting has been providing interior and exterior painting services for residential and commercial clients in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties since 1992. In addition to painting all types of wood, metal and concrete surfaces, the family-owned and operated company is qualified to conduct color consultations, remove wallpaper, and more.

Unlike less experienced painting contractors that disappear after projects are complete and don’t respond to questions or warranty claims, Faith Painting stays in contact with its clients to make sure they’re completely satisfied with its work. “We’ve been doing this for a long time and proudly stand behind everything we do,” affirms Mr. Corpuz. “Our customers know we’ll be there whenever they need our help, and they appreciate that type of support.”

Another distinguishing attribute of Faith Painting is its honest approach to communicating with its clients. “Whenever we send out a proposal, we state exactly what we’re going to do,” says Mr. Corpuz. “For example, if it’s an exterior project, we’ll explain how we’re going to pressure wash surfaces and cover windows. Having detailed contracts keeps everyone on the same page so there are fewer misunderstandings. Our clients really like knowing what to expect before, during and after their projects.”

Questions & Answers

It depends on the job and the size of the crew, but we can give you an approximate time estimate before work begins. If you want to get the job done faster, we can assign more painters to your crew.

Yes. We can tell you what colors we’ve been working with recently and what colors other homeowners in your neighborhood have been using. We’ll give you free color samples and our honest opinion.

Yes. The industry has recently changed from oil- and latex-based paints to low- and no-VOC paints, so the products are continually getting Greener. Our job is to determine and recommend the best paint for each client’s situation, so we can definitely find an eco-friendly product that meets your needs.

Try using a scrubbable paint to limit wear and tear on interior surfaces. We can help you choose a high-maintenance, low-maintenance or no-maintenance product. Many can be cleaned with warm water and soap. There are also products that help remove dirt from exterior paint and save wear and tear on surfaces.

Yes. Not every house is the same and a lot of people want accent walls or custom work, so it’s easiest if we come to your property and provide an estimate based on what we see.

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    Faith Painting is a full service painting company. We are proud to offer superior customer service and professional workmanship.

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